Tuesday, 13 December 2011

Meet Sammy the snail, a third culture kid!

Here are some of Sammy's tips if you are moving overseas:

  1.  Keep family traditions alive (like celebrating Sinterklaas?)
  2. Bring soms familiar items from your home and put them in your new home.
  3. Create a special album or a box with memories and add new things as you go along. Then when you look at it you can remember all the great times.
  4. Stay in touch with old friends. Email is a good idea or you can also send a parcel.

Sammy hopes you have a great move! 

Do you want to know more about Sammy? In an earlier post called Global Nomads on the move part 2 I wrote about Helen Maffini's book called Sammy's Next Move. Helen was a third culture kid and she has lived and worked in 11 countries. Helen is a Canadian/British educational consultant who is currently living in Australia. 

Want to read more?

Global Nomads on the move it includes the short film MOVE, worth watching.
Libby Stephens explains what third culture kids are.
Children of the World: where are your roots?
Aga Magdolen's film "Les Passagers"
New book "Emotional Resilience and the expat child"by Julia Simens 

Do you have tips when moving with children? If you were a third culture kid, do you have memories of your moves? Any advice?

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