Sunday 11 December 2011

Twitter update: week 49. All about third culture kids

 Having a Baby Abroad - Global Differences Series: QATAR

New book coming up: Third culture kids & Global effects on Business Sustainability.

How Third Culture Kid’s Natural Cross Cultural Vision Can Power International Business Expansion  

Christmas traditions that just didn't happen.

Immigration and Language:  

Debora talks more about moving back to Switzerland as a TCK. Adjustments. Difficulties.

Many children are 'third culture kids' find out what this means and the challenges expat parents can face

A recovering third culture kid tells of fond memories of a "Displaced Christmas" in

Writer Pico Iyer describes himself as "a global village on 2 legs" Check out this interview:

So true and funny too! Read this: Top 10 Third Culture Kid Quirks

Gijs woont nu in : een interview met een third culture kid bij Wereldkids.

Want to read more? Here's my Twitter update week 43 all about kids growing up in other cultures.
Here you can find Great third culture kid information on the web.

Please add your links if you have an interesting blog or know of a good blog or website. Thanks!

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