Friday, 26 August 2011

Twitter update week 34: news of children growing up in other cultures

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This is what I twittered about this week. I hope the links lead you to information you are looking for.

STUDY: Learning A Second Language Boosts Toddlers' Brain Function

How do you keep your cultural heritage alive?

Are you saying goodbye to family & friends? Expat life is fully of goodbyes

Interesting perspective on the TCK/ATCK/TCA labels. 

New Post Julia Simens - Why TCK's find it hard to go home . . ..  

Bullying: when it happens, why it happens, what parents need to know.

You want to read the universal declaration of human rights in over 300 ? You can even hear some

Following on with the homesickness theme today – an interesting article -

"Excuse me sir, you are not who you say you are"

Check out the new blog post - That new school term...

TCK and career Story of how Emily quit job became a great sales person, relates quickly&makes friends

is looking for stories about the best and worst of living abroad. For more information:

Check out our for series of articles

Whitni Thomas wrote this poem in '91 describes torn loyalties of Third Culture Kids

How to give your child a multicultural education

Go to a UK university? I'd rather -

TCK Nicole Boyce shares her experiences living in the UK, Hong Kong and New Zealand

A TCK wrote a post: understanding me: list of characteristics&you know you're a TCK when..

Read what high schooler Charlotte Day has to say about her displaced life:

New Blog: : Comparing conflicting constitutional rights of parents

Reverse Culture Shock - USA Over Consumerism

Feel welcome to add your news or links in the comment section. I heard that there were some problems when adding comments, I have solved these problems. So hopefully it is easier you to add your comments. Thanks.

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