Saturday, 5 May 2012

Yes, I won an award!

It's a good tradition to celebrate achievements. So let's celebrate the fact that I have been nominated for the "Versatile Blogger" award. I have to confess I have actually been nominated twice. I was nominated by Wordgeyser first and then by a fellow third culture kid Expat Alien. Thanks to you both!

Of course there are Versatile Blogger rules. I may nominate new bloggers and I must tell 7 things about myself.

First I will tell 7 things about myself:
  1. I failed my drivers license test more than 3 times, I did get it in the end. I did the tests in Zimbabwe and I actually had to use hand signals too. I must confess that was ages ago. Lesson learned: never give up.
  2. I was born on a mission station in the Zambian bush. My parents received a chicken as a present when I was born. Lesson learned: good things can happen where ever you live.
  3. I just adore ripe juicy tropical fruits, it's a heritage of growing up in Africa. You know the mango's, passion fruits, gooseberries, papayas, bananas just don't taste the same here in Europe. Lesson learned: eat the local fruits and enjoy them to the full. 
  4. I was a school prefect at high school, most Dutch people have no idea what a prefect is or does. Lesson learned: a as third culture kid I often have to explain things to other people.
  5. I love ice skating even though I was about thirteen when I went ice skating for the first time in my life. Recently I wrote about ice skating fever here in the Netherlands. Lesson learned: You're never too old to learn something new!
  6. I have been writing on this blog for less than a year and I really enjoy it. Third culture kids love exciting new things. Lesson learned: I love new adventures and challenges.
  7. One of my favourite drinks is: Tjendol (or Cendol), in good Indonesian restaurants you can get it here in the Netherlands. It's just divine. It's with coconut milk and palm sugar. Lesson learned: you're never too old to taste something new. 
   Now for nominating the new bloggers:
  1. Mummy in Provence: I enjoy her global differences series about having a baby abroad.
  2. Expat Life with a double buggy: I like Amanada's posts because she write about being an expat mum here in the Netherlands.
  3. Tales from Windmill fields: Having lived most of her life in Spain Rosalind is now raising a trilingual daughter here in the Netherlands. Her blogs are about her new adventure here.
  4. Raising third culture kids She is married to a German TCK and writes about here "fusion family".
  5. Julia Simens is author of the book "Emotional Resilience and the Expat Child" and she is educator. Her words of wisdom and experience are worth reading.
  6. Libby Stephens is a Third Culture Kid consultant and writes about children growing up in other cultures and everything that has to do with it.
  7. Third Culture Kid Life by James R. Mitchener. I like the writing style and the topics too!

    Congratulations to all the above mentioned bloggers. Thank you for who you are and for your blog.


  1. Congrats 3culturen (and all nominees). Keep up the blogging!

  2. Thanks! Yes I really do want to keep writing. They say "Practice makes perfect" and I do believe that is really true for blogging too. I would love to get more comments on this blog so if anyone has a tip please let me know. Thanks.

  3. Congrats to you!!! You definitely deserve it. Your blog and writing capture the attention of your audience and offer lots of information along with relevant, personal experiences :)

  4. Oh thank you Megzy for your kind and encouraging words. If you have suggestions for topics I would love to hear them!

  5. Congratulations on the award! and keep writing. You made me aware of something like "third culture kid".

  6. Thanks! I'm glad you discovered what "third culture kids" are. That discovery really helped me. It kind of changed my life, in a positive sense. I wish someone had told me about third culture kids earlier on in my life.