Thursday, 24 November 2011

Third culture kids and exciting new things!

Art: someone did something new....spotted in Holland
There are some things that I really enjoy doing and one of those things is: "doing something new!" The past 6 months has been full of new things. I will just name a few:
  1. Started this blog: DrieCulturen
  2. Made a twitter account. You can follow me @DrieCulturen
  3. Tweeted more than a thousand tweets.
  4. Discovered that there are actually people who want to follow me.
  5. Planted potatoes in our own garden for the first time in my life.
  6. Harvested and ate my homegrown potatoes. That was so exciting!
  7. Made strawberry jam from homegrown strawberries for the first time in my life.
Some time ago I wrote a Dutch blog post on this same topic. The post is called "Nieuwe dingen doen". In my post about the disadvantages of growing up in another culture I mentioned that "restlessness" is one of the disadvantages of having had lots of change during childhood. As a result of the restless I want change or new things. Some third culture kids say they want to move house every 2 years. They feel an "itch", they just have to move. A long time ago I decided that I want to grow some roots where I am living now, so I will not move but just stay here even when I feel the "itch". Life is all about making choices!

Now to tell you about the most exciting new thing. I have recently been asked to write a guest post for Expat Explorer. The great news is that today my post has been published on their blog. So I want to invite you all to hop over to their blog and read "Where are you from?" It's a real honour to have been asked to write about third culture kids for their blog. Thank you!

I have been writing on this blog for just over 5 months now. Just for fun I will list a couple of my favourite blog posts on my blog. By the way I really enjoy writing on this blog.
Have you done anything new recently? Do you have an urge to do new things? How do you handle the "itch" (the extreme desire to keep moving)? I would love some new comments on the blog so please few free and let me know what you are thinking. Thanks.

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