Friday, 19 August 2011

Twitter update week 33: news on kids growing up in other cultures

These were my twitters in week 33: they are all about children growing up on this globe. Children probably growing up multilingual and often in other cultures. Children who are referred to as third culture kids.

New blog post by Libby Stephens about last week's latest transition seminar with 36 : About the characteristics of third culture kids.

College bound kids: practical stuff for heading overseas

10 things every global nomads needs to know before leaving for university

Trying to raise bilingual kids? How to stay on track when English is easiest |

Writers Abroad radio show 13 by Jo Parfitt – Kath Smith of Parents on the Move and Beyond Broken Families

New post by JSimens: Parenting: As they get older does it get easier?

Books: A love story (and memories) New post from Musings of a third culture kid

Schiphol: a cleaning car with windmills!
10 Tips for How to Talk to Children About Difficult Issues:

Anyone moving to Kenya? Expat guide to schools there @telegraphExpat 

Kijk naar "blogger in beeld" in het WereldExpat magazine van

A new personal post on the phases he went thro' discovering he was a third culture kid

"Flying Solo" is an article about sending your kid 2 college from overseas by Rebecca Grappo. Tis the season again.

20 things to teach your child

5 Things you need to know before taking your special needs kid overseas

Is your child ready for school? 6 ways to help a child: about early learning. Free download!

Pregnancy around the world: a slide show 16 different countries. New Life!

Multilingual Living Newsletter:

Mobility magazine online: Families moving to Asia? Think of schooling first. especially in Hong Kong   

TCK tries to stay connected with his non-TCK cousins

27 Years of Nomadic Living by

‘British have the most miserable upbringing in the developed world.’

Looking for more news?
Twitter update week 32
Interesting worldwide third culture kid news

Telling the kids about the international move: make the announcement special. Plan a family meeting. advice from book Raising Global Nomads.
An international move is a life-changing event for the entire family, it should be treated with respect its magnitude deserves: Robin Pascoe.

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