Wednesday, 27 July 2011

Interesting worldwide third culture kid (TCK) news

Recently I have been having quite a struggle deciding whether this blog should be in Dutch or in English. Originally I wanted to write it in Dutch, so that is how I started, sprinkling some occasional English phrases into it. The problem is that the goggle translation does not work from Dutch to English because there are some English words in the text so the machine says it is already in English. Maybe this is the kind of struggle I have had in my life. Some kind of language struggle. In Dutch I struggle with the "d"s and "t"s. If a book was originally written in the English language I really want to read the original English version and I struggle with the translated Dutch version. Well I think I will just treat you on an English post today and we will see what the future will hold. I am not sure that one is allowed to mix languages on a blog, but that is the problem with third culture kids (TCKs), we do not fit in the box and we do not always do things the way the should be done. Who's fault is that? Can I blame it on my parents? In this day and age we always want to blame someone....

I will share some interesting links, blogs and twitters I came across this week. Be informed and have fun!

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  1. Hi there! Reading about the TCK is really interesting. I am British but lived in Spain and France most of my life, I now live in the Netherlands. I always said that I was an International not British. But now I have learnt that maybe I am a TCK. Thanks alot for this I shall be visiting more often! Tommorrow I have a blog hop about what it means to be an expat. I would love to hear what you think!

  2. Thanks for the comment. Yes you are quite right, you are a TCK! Sometimes they say: an adult third culture kid (ATCK), just like I am. I can really recommend reading the book "Third Culture Kids: growing up among worlds" by David C. Pollock and Ruth van Reken. It was was an eye opener for me. Especially if you are raising kids (TCKs), it is a must. If you have a couple of minutes: watch Aga Magdolen's film on TCKs (it's on my blog). I will read your blog too.

  3. Thanks! I will definitely be keeping a eye on your blogand Ill take a look at the book and video