Thursday, 11 August 2011

Twitter update week 32: news on kids growing up in other cultures

Just in case you missed these twitter links, here they are. Especially for you.

Nice article about kids and their accents (third culture kids, TCKs)

Tips for kids to settle into their new home

Moving with kids to a new country, involve the kids with the move

A book review of Expat Children´s book `Sammy´s Next Move` by Helen Maffini

A blog post by a third culture kid (TCK) writing about being addicted to change

Check out this new TCK documentary/film via :

Excellent feature on third culture kids (TCKs) in 's alumni magazine called                  "At home in the world"

How to prepare your kid for real life, before sending him/her to college

Giving kids a little help to make new friends at the start of the school year

I found an interesting post at The Smart Expat. She is mother of two third culture kids (TCKs) and she wrote a post on Where do you come from? Her daughter had lived in five countries and her son had lived in four different countries. This question is the most difficult question or one of the most difficult questions for children who grow up in different cultures. They are known as third culture kids or global nomads. They could be expat kids, but it is not necessary.

Is `where do you come from?` a difficult question for you? It was during my university days. Do you have any interesting links on kids growing up in other cultures? Please add your links in the comment section. Thanks.


  1. A great list - impressive for only two months along! Glad you've shared these posts as they make for interesting reading and reflection.

  2. Thanks again for your comment. I am so glad that there are new children's books, blog posts and articles being written on kids growing up in others cultures. There is still so much to learn about it.