Sunday, 11 November 2012

Third Culture Kid: Proud to be Dutch

On Facebook recently a friend of mine, who grew up as a third culture kid too posted this video. She added the text "Proud to be Dutch". I must say I grew up in Africa with the same feeling, I was proud that I came from Holland (or the Netherlands). If you don't know why then you need to see this short film.

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  1. Haha, that is so cute :) though I kind of agree with the mouse at the beginning. Holland makes me think of cheese! Of gouda (yum yum...especially gouda with cumin!) Well I guess Holland makes me think of other things too... a few years ago I stayed in Utrecht, it is so beautiful! And what I love about the dutch is how they use bikes so much. And everybody is so nice (and so tall!)! xoxx

  2. I enjoyed it too! The cheese with cumin is called Leidse kaas (cheese). I'm glad you have good memories of your stay in Utrecht, do come back one day. It's true that we are known by our love of cycling. In the spring of this year I returned from a holiday in Asia, and I discovered that I had actually missed cycling. I go (nearly) everywhere on my bike! By the way I am not tall......