Monday, 16 July 2012

The 96th Walk of the World

Tomorrow the largest marching event in the world will take place for the 96th time. The reason I write about the event is because it is a typical Dutch event and I think it is important that Dutch third culture kids know about the history of their country. Sometimes Dutch kids abroad know more of the Dutch history and traditions than the kids living in the Netherlands.

Here are 10 interesting facts about the Walk of the World which takes place every year in Nijmegen:
  1. This year there are 41 472 prticipants.
  2. They represent 71 nationalities. Wow!
  3. People can choose to walk 30, 40 or 50 kilometres every day for 4 days in a row.
  4. Last year the youngest participant was Menno of 11 years old.
  5. The eldest participant was a man from Apeldoorn of 89. I hope I can still walk as far when I reach his age!
  6. The people that walk 50 kilometres every day start walking very early: between 4 and 4.45am.
  7. Originally a military event with a few civilians, it now is a mainly civilian event.
  8. The military walk 40 kilometres daily.
  9. The weather forecast for tomorrow looks rather rainy.
  10. The cross on the photo is awarded to participants who successfully complete the Four Days Marches according to the regulations.
If you are interested in more information visit the official website of the The Walk of the World. The most recent news can be seen on twitter (in Dutch) @St_DE4DAAGSE. Here's a photo impression of the participants arriving today. More Photos can be seen here.

I want to wish all the participants of this international event the best of luck. I hope you are able to enjoy the Walk of the World and one day I want to participate too. Things always start with a dream or a desire.  

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